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How to Install Long tail Pro - Platinum - Just In 1 Step


How to Install Long tail Pro - Platinum


Ø  Hi I am Jack Brian provide a good stuff about an SEO and research keywords. We will use research keyword tool, that is Long tail pro we just getting started with this Research Keyword Tool. We are going to Research some keywords, first of all the question is How To Install Long tail pro.

Ø  Use following step to install long tail pro:

How to Install Long tail Pro - Platinum - Just In 1 Step

 Step 1 How To Install Long tail Pro On Your System

  • First download the latest version long tail pro from its official website that is free for ten days
  • longtail pro
  • Extract it, because it is in zip file
  • One is the user manual which is guide
  • Other one is the long tail keyword tool
  • For that you must have adobe air installed on your computer if not simply search it on Google and install it
  • Then double click on the Application long tail keyword tool
  • Simply click on Run, it will install automatically
  • Now you have two options
  • Use in trial mode
  • Or you have license key, so can register       

  • Want To Watch Video About How To Install Long Tail Pro                  

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